Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bird watching book- valued 37$ you get it now for free

Get In Touch With Nature! Bird Watching is Said
To Be The Most Relaxing And Peaceful Hobbies
That Anyone Can Do. Don't Pass On The Book
That Can Make You An Expert Birdwatcher!"

This E-Book Will Give You Hints, Tips, And The Know How To
Find Certain Birds As Well As Identifying Them. This Book
Is Not Only Perfect For The Amateur Bird Watcher But It
Also Gives Great Information To The Professionals To.

Bird watching is a simple sport, but it is a sport! It requires practice, concentration, and skills to become adept at it. The beginning bird watcher can’t go out one time and know exactly what kind of birds they encounter. It takes time and practice and – above everything else – patience!
Because you don’t need special equipment to watch birds, you can literally do it anywhere – parks, forests, even your own backyard! Learn what other birders already know – bird watching has more benefits than you can ever imagine.
In “Bird Watching for Beginners”, you’ll learn:
  • What to look for when identifying a bird
  • How to recognize a bird by their song
  • How to use a field guide when bird watching
  • What type of bird seed to use and how certain seeds can attract specific birds
  • Making your own bird bath to bring the birds to your own yard
  • How to make your own bird house
  • The best ways to landscape your yard to attract birds
What can you expect to gain when you start your bird watching journey? So much!
  1. Fun. Big fun. Something deep seems to get fulfilled. A connection is made with the immense beauty of nature.
  2. Satisfaction. Birding invokes our primeval hunting instincts. It delivers all the satisfaction of
    the hunt, even though the prey itself escapes unharmed. Birding is the perfect sport for the
    21st Century.
  3. Health. Birding gets you vertical. It gets you outside and walking. But it's effortless, because
    your attention is on the birds. After a little birding, you've usually covered quite a bit of ground.
  4. Family. Birding unites people across generations. By taking up birding, parents or grandparents can introduce their children to an interest in nature that will stay with them all their lives.
  5. Companionship. Birding is the ideal social activity. A birder need never be lonely. Nearly every community has a birding club of some sort. And because birders love to share their knowledge, newcomers are always welcome.
  6. Solitude. Birding is also the ideal solitary sport. There's a special pleasure in going out alone to bird. Your mind settles down. Your senses open up, and all nature seems to become your friend. Birding is a sport of many moods, and it serves the causes of companionship and solitude equally well. 

    This ebook  valued at 37$ , but today you can get it for FREE! yes FREE

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